MCLE Course on PAGA

Hosted by CalChamber January 31, 2023

Businesses’ PAGA Liability Landscape, 2023 and Beyond

The California Chamber of Commerce, in coordination with the Stop Small Business Shakedowns committee and Fisher Phillips LLP, is pleased to host a virtual MCLE course on the Private Attorney’s General Act (PAGA) landscape in 2023 and beyond for businesses in California. This MCLE event will be invaluable for any business and their counsels as PAGA liability continues to shift and grow with each passing court ruling and legislative action. Be sure to register today!

Why PAGA? 

Businesses have been forced to settle PAGA claims for over $8 BILLION collectively in just the last seven years, and that number will likely double in the next five. The Viking River Cruises case at SCOTUS merely gave some temporary reprieve for companies that have valid arbitration agreements in place, but the Legislature and the courts are both poised to change that. PAGA continues to be a growing liability for companies, but there are legislative and ballot initiative efforts on the horizon. 

What will the MCLE cover? 

  • The current litigation landscape and how cases are currently playing out in the courts
  • How Viking River has impacted PAGA cases with arbitration agreements in place
  • What is on the horizon that will impact PAGA for businesses
    • Court Rulings
    • Legislation
    • 2024 Ballot Measure

Who will present?

  • Jennifer Barrera, CalChamber President & CEO
  • Fisher Phillips Partners: Benjamin Ebbink, Anet Drapalski, Tyler T. Rasmussen, and Hannah Sweiss


  • Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 10:00 am PST


  • Register below for the virtual webinar.